The Syracuse Improv Collective (SIC) will be auditioning experienced improvisers for the creation of a new long-form improv team on Saturday, June 8 at the Central New York Playhouse (located near the entrance to Macy’s in Shoppingtown Mall in DeWitt, NY) at 12:30 p.m.

The newly formed team will be able to perform at the monthly SIC “Bank Shows” and other SIC sponsored events, held at the CNY Playhouse, but will also be encouraged to perform at any other venues it so wishes.

The SIC will provide the team with a coach who will work in developing a form and building the team’s cohesiveness. The coach will attend rehearsals as well as give detailed feedback after performances. Because the coach will be devoting a lot of time to the development of the group, it is essential that the members are committed to growing as improvisers as well as being active members of the team.


Only improvisers with experience in long-form improv will be able to audition.

You are eligible if any of the following applies to you:

-member of a currently performing long-form team

-have performed long-form improv regularly sometime in the last five years

-have attended multiple classes focusing on scene work and long-form scene structure

-graduate of the SIC Harold class


You are NOT eligible for auditions if:

-you have no prior experience with improv (the SIC offers classes for those interested in learning improv)

-you have only taken an introductory/level 1 improv class

-you haven’t been performing regularly or taking classes for the last five years.



If you are selected to perform on a SIC Team the following will be expected of you:

-Be available for rehearsal once a week with your team

-Your team is responsible for procuring and paying for rehearsal space (if necessary)

-You are expected to contribute monetarily to compensate the coach for their time

-Be an active member of the improv community by attending shows and supporting the other SIC teams.

-Be available for performances at the SIC “Bank Shows” held once a month at the CNY Playhouse.