Imagine nothing.

No scripts, no sets, no costumes, not even any ideas or plans. Your mind is a clean slate. Maybe there are some lights and a chair or two. It’s you, a team of a few other players, and an empty stage filled with potential.

You get a word. From that word and nothing else, you and your team create a play. You don’t set out to make a comedy, but the play is funny because YOU are naturally funny. The play is coherent, because you trust your teammates and they trust you. The play unfolds with recurring themes and motifs, scenes, and a plot.

The play has memorable characters, all of which never existed before and may never exist again. Who or what you personify all comes from your imagination and as a result of the teamwork along side of your fellow performers.

We can teach you how to do this.

Intro to Improv workshops start January 11, and they run through February 15, 2014. This will be the last time we offer the Intro to Improv class until the summer.

Create something from nothing. Now is the time.

You can visit us on Facebook, go to our classes info page, and you can go here for registration.

We cannot wait to see you there!