Pass the Sound & Motion!

The Level One students prepare to amaze the audience at our February Bank Show

Our first round of Level One improv classes just ended this past weekend. I am a little sad these great students are out of my care now, but real happy they registered for level two. I knew that teaching Level One would be fun, but I did not anticipate how much I would learn from the students.

As the class grew more comfortable and made friends together, I watched them dive into scenes with a spontaneous courage; they displayed greater trust and listening than I had felt in my own performances for several months. It was inspiring to watch so much fresh talent ride the raw joy of improv and create truly funny scenes.

I asked the class what they learned from taking level one improv. Here are their responses:

“Improv level 1 helped me learn to be more open. The reasons I took the class were to learn to think faster and feel more comfortable communicating with people in a fun and safe environment.  I learned that by letting go of my own agenda and my own rules for how I wanted a scenario to unfold naturally increased my response time.  Plus it helped me feel like I had a really great connection with whoever I was working with, which helped me feel more comfortable communicating in class as well as out in the rest of the world.” – Karen Kwasnowski

“Improv taught me that I don’t always have to plan and overprepare for everything in life. If I just show up with a good attitude and work with the people around me, things will get done.” – Manu Shergill

“I learned that I am a failure. And that there are other people in the world who enjoy failing just as much as me. And also that it makes sense to band together with these people, and fail together.” – Jim Green Ed. Note – Our class mantra is ‘We suck, and we love to fail!’ 

“I learned that improv is really about effective communication. If you are not listening to the direction your partners are offering, and are focused on your own vision, you won’t hear where the story is going. And to be able to build on the story, you need to clearly relay your vision to the others. The clearer the messages are, the further you move together.” – Jill Tibbett

“I learned to slow down and to try follow the flow of others. I noticed that I tend to take control of  the situation way too much and that I need to curb my nature in order to allow others to express themselves.” – Bob Goodfellow

“I found improv class influenced every part of my life in a good way.  I am able to see people’s offers in life much better.  I see that simple is fun and funny, which is great.  I am way more open to the ordinary as a launching place for fun and frolicking. I loved improv level one.” – Becca Scanlon

Thanks again to these students and the rest of our class for a great six weeks. I wish you all well for Level Two and will gladly see you around in the future.

Level One classes will be offered again in a few months. Stay tuned to this space and follow us on facebook for more info.