We’ve been busy little bees, and we have some exciting news for all 3 of you who don’t follow us on Facebook. (Hi, Dan!) Without further ado:

#1 – 2017 Class Registration is Now Open! 

Last year saw a great bunch of new students join the Collective, perhaps the best ever. We are so happy to play with and teach all these fun, talented people from Syracuse and beyond! (Say Hi to Aaron from Fort Drum! (Hi, Aaron!)). This year two of our teachers are brand new to the SIC and bring a treasure trove of experience from out-of-town. LOVE IT.

Classes really do fill up quickly now, so please register if you would like to come have fun learning with us!

#2 – December 18 – “Your Story’s Not Safe With Us!”

We are THRILLED to be collaborating with our new best friends at Salt City Story Slam in a joint show. Three improv teams will perform sets inspired by three prepared stories. The featured teams are: HEAVY METAL HEAT WAVE, SATAN’S CLOSET, and the debut of the SIC’s very first, as-yet-unnamed, all-women’s team!

7PM @ Jazz Central, $5


#3 – December 10 – Class with Philip Markle & Graduation Show!

During the day, sixteen Collectivists will be learning from improv teacher extraordinaire Philip Markle. We will report back to you soon on our experience with Philip’s ‘Burn Your Fear’ workshop. Additionally, students from the class will perform in a show that night…which more importantly features our Level 3 graduates!

The show will be held in the auditorium on the first floor of the Nancy Cantor Warehouse, 350 W Fayette St, at 8 PM. These students have worked hard to bring you all the laughter and LOLz. Please come root them on! Admission is free.

That’s all for now!

Keep your eyes open for incoming news about 2017 drop-in classes, as well as more editorial-style posts for this site.