Learn the art of improv comedy

Grow your confidence, become a better listener, learn a new style of comedy – there are plenty of reasons to try an improv class. Our core classes are the tried and true path to explore. Long-form improv is an exciting art form, driven by supportive teamwork. Our experienced teachers are committed to helping you and your group grow together, and to giving you focused, personalized instruction.


Level One: Intro to Improv

For beginners that have always wanted to pursue improv, for the adventurous looking to try something new, and for the veterans looking to reconnect with the basics. Intro to Improv brings in basic concepts like listening, “Yes and,” sharing focus, relationships, and generosity. Intro to Improv does not have a performance component, so class energy will be focused on these building blocks, applying them to scene work, and having fun.

Mondays, 7pm to 9PM

  • January 28
  • February 4
  • February 11
  • February 18
  • February 25
  • March 4

Registration $100
Pre-Requisite: None!


Improv for Writers with Dr. Lauren Esposito

Tuesday, January 15th 2019

This workshop is designed for writers looking to explore alternative methods of storytelling. You will have the opportunity to bring your characters and worlds to life through a night of improvised scenes and theater games.

If you’re looking to try improv for the first time, or to explore new approaches to your improv and writing, this workshop is for you. This workshop will help you:

  • Create without judging your ideas
  • Embrace failure without fear
  • Take creative risks
  • Build confidence
  • Be more present while creating
  • Observe and listen with intent

Let’s create something together! Ages 18 or older.

Wear comfy shoes and bring a favorite notebook and a pen. We’ll write in between improv games and exercises.

Registration $10


Level Two: Scene Work

Taught by Phil Gross

The Scene Work class builds on the fundamentals learned in the Intro to Improv class and introduces the importance of storytelling as it applies to the performance of scenes. It will stress working together and focus on techniques for starting scenes and developing interesting characters and situations that the audience cares about. It will also work on recognizing and dealing with common pitfalls improvisers face.
Pre-Requisite: Level One

Level Three Class: The Harold

Taught by Dan Kane

The Harold is a long-form structure developed by Del Close and is the basic form all long-form improvisers should know. This course will teach the fundamentals of the form as well as continuing to work on scene work and character development. This course is available for current Level Two students and improvisers with significant past experience.




Drop-in classes are an exciting entry point into our friendly community. We have an abundance of great teachers ready to share their wisdom and show you a good time. You can also expect a few experienced performers to show up.


There is no experience required to attend a drop-in. The purpose is to give you a feel of what a class with the SIC might be like. By the end of the night, we hope you feel the trust and support the SIC thrives on, have a lot of laughs, and know whether you’d like to try Level One.



Tuesday, November 27 (1009 E Fayette St); 7-9pm

Tuesday, December 11 (1009 E Fayette St); 7-9pm




Spark Contemporary Art Space

1009 E Fayette St

Syracuse, NY 13210


“I intended to only take Level One improv class to get myself out of my comfort zone. Now here I am finishing Level Three! Improv is more fun than I realized. I’ve learned to play as an adult, and I’ve met new friends in the process. I highly recommend these classes to anyone.”

Rachel G.

SIC Collectivist

“Improv taught me that I don’t always have to plan and over-prepare for everything in life. If I just show up with a good attitude and work with the people around me, things will get done.” Manu S.

SIC Collectivist

“Improv Level One helped me learn to be more open. The reasons I took the class were to learn to think faster and feel more comfortable communicating with people in a fun and safe environment.  I learned that by letting go of my own agenda and my own rules for how I wanted a scenario to unfold naturally increased my response time.  Plus it helped me feel like I had a really great connection with whoever I was working with, which helped me feel more comfortable communicating in class as well as out in the rest of the world.” Karen K.

SIC Collectivist

“I found improv class influenced every part of my life in a good way.  I am able to see people’s offers in life much better.  I see that simple is fun and funny, which is great.  I am way more open to the ordinary as a launching place for fun and frolicking. I loved improv level one.” Becca S.

SIC Collectivist