We’ve been down at local establishments working on our comedic fitness – Mike and Mike are our witness!
Mike Baker and Mike Intaglietta perform at our open mic Non-SICIf you want to stay Improv Strong(TM), you have to keep stretching your improv muscles. So we’ve done a lot of cool things:

The Return of the Non-SIC!

Our esteemed open mic event, the Non-SICuitur, makes a courageous return once a month on Thursdays at 7:30PM, at 512 Wescott Street. Come try out a new improv form, play with folks you’ve always dreamed of improvising with, test out a stand-up routine, or play some sweet live music…surprise us!

Continuing Education!

Last year’s big addition to our improv fitness program was drop-in classes, where we expertly balance lessons for experts and novices in the same night. This year we are doubling down on our commitment to our experienced players…
Syracuse Improv Classes Level 4 Our new Level 4 classes are offered exclusively to active Collectivists who have completed Levels 1-3. This is a chance to dive real deep. The focus of each class is unique and decided by our teachers. That way, every class is a special experience led by a specialized instructor.

Our pilot Level 4 class led by SIC founders Mike Borden and Joe Blum was a hit. The dynamic duo taught long-form, slow-burn duo performances. Students Learned Improv Hard(TM) from our brightest for 5 hours, then put on a show! Look forward to similar opportunities in the near future.
Justin Peters and Kelly Buttermore, Improv TeachersAs many fitness aficionados and Muddy Waters have said, ‘I just can’t be satisfied!’ We are proud to be bringing in expert improv teachers Kelly Buttermore and Justin Peters to lead two workshops on April 29. SIC Collectivists, stay tuned for more info!

That’s all for now!

Come on out to our bank show on April 8 🙂 See you around!