Greetings, improv fans! In addition to our usual shows and classes, we have two special items to share.

A few weeks ago this writer had the pleasure of performing in a short film produced by our friends, Etc. Pictures and Out There Productions. ‘No Nuts’ is a rom com set at a camp for kids who have peanut allergies; there were eleven local children in the cast. Not only did the kids get to perform in a movie, they also paired with mentors on set and took a weekend-long character-building workshop. The Kickstarter for this project is active for less than 48 hours – you can watch the ‘No Nuts’ trailer and learn more here.

Kids on the 'No Nuts' set
In between shots on set, I was asked to lead improv exercises to energize the kids and get them focused. I wrote about the experience in a blog post on their Kickstarter. If you’re a teacher, parent, or great-step-uncle once removed, check out the link for some helpful and fun tools for keeping kids engaged.


Last night we wrapped a fun new experiment. Above is a ~1.5 hour improv MARATHON, performed by SIC team Heavy Metal Heat Wave. This was a blast. As expected for a trial run, we ran into some AV issues, but most of the set is good and legible. This performance was also in support of our friends’ Kickstarter. The team set out to perform a 30-minute set, and continued performing for five more minutes every time we got a new backer. Keep your eyes peeled for more fun videos like this one in the future! Here’s the best link we can offer for last night’s show.


Every year we send a team to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Out Of The Darkness walk (team donation page HERE), and put on a charity show to support the cause. Please look forward to a weekend in November when you can join us and help people affected by suicide. It’s a cause near to our hearts, and we appreciate everyone who has supported our Little Spark productions.