Who runs the SIC?

A volunteer board, which oversees four committees: Artistic, Education, and Marketing, which are comprised of Collectivists only, and the Financial committee, which is made up only of board members.

Who is a SIC collectivist?

You become a collectivist when you have completed the level one, two and three classes and want to be considered a member of the SIC.

I already have improv experience. Do I still start at Level One?

Probably not! Please seek out our Education Chair (Phil Gross and Lauren Esposito) and explain your situation. There is a good chance you will receive permission to start classes at Level Two or higher.

How do I join a team?

SIC teams usually come together out of friendship, chemistry, or by proximity through classes (hopefully all three!). There is no limit to the number of teams you may join. Ideally, teams form out of Collectivists’ own initiation, or are created by a coach.

Any team that demonstrates this commitment is eligible to be voted in by the Artistic committee as a SIC-sanctioned team. Sanctioned teams receive two primary benefits: your team name goes on our website, and you can bill yourself as a SIC team in sundry performances.

Who teaches the classes?

These people! Our core teachers are super fun and super qualified. Keep in mind we reserve the right to replace an expert teacher with another expert teacher if something comes up.

Who is on the board of directors?

The current board is composed of Jill Tibbett (President), Mike Baker (Vice President), Michelle Kivisto (Secretary), Jeremy Johnston (Treasurer), Lauren Esposito, Mike Intaglietta, Christopher Malone, and Genevieve Sponsler.

Can anyone sign up?

Yes! Anyone can sign up as long as you’re at least 18 years of age.

How much are classes and workshops?

The cost of our classes and workshops depend on the length of the course. Most of our improv classes are $100 for six weeks of training. Many include a student performance. We’ve recently changed the way you register for classes, and now it’s all done safely and securely online through EventBrite.

Find our policy:

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Syracuse Improv Collective strives to provide a safe and welcoming environment for performers, students, staff and patrons. To read our Anti- Harassment Policy, please click to download the PDF.